CentOS 6 Download Link

CentOS is a Fork / Clone of RHEL ( RedHat Enterprise Linux), Basically RHEL is a Linux Distribution Under GNU GPL License but not free. So CentOS is a project to provide Enterprise Linux Free of cost. There is no more technical difference between RHEL and CentOS. If you want to install RHEL, you must create account to download RHEL ISO file and it is evolution version so we highly recomend that you first try CentOS which is free and opensource..

These are the links for to download CENTOS 6 ISO File, Download it and Burn it on CD / DVD with your favourite Burning program.

CentOS 32 bit DVD ISO File 

CentOS 32 bit Live CD  ISO File

CentOS 32 bit Live DVD ISO File

CentOS 64 bit DVD -1  ISO File

CentOS 64 bit DVD -2  ISO File

CentOS 64 bit Live CD ISO File

CentOS 64 bit Live DVD ISO File 

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